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Soma define

soma define

stimulates the nervous system, increases the consumption oxygen, and acts as a restorer and a mild soma define anesthetic. 49 compared to adrenaline injection, the effect of ephedrine is slower and less intense but more persistent. Role of Soma as an aphrodisiac may be attributed to the general feeling of ephedrine causes euphoria. In excessive doses, ephedrine causes nervousness, insomnia, headache, dizziness, palpitations, sweating, nausea and vomiting. When the Soma Rgvedic poet soma define asks to be gentle to the soma define heart (RV 8.68.7) and "a lot our hearts with a bright flame" (RV 8.68.7), is likely to seek redress from the effects of excess.

Ephedra soma define is useful as an area Geographic soma define diagnosis is that it grows in all parts, and all varieties do not contain ephedrine Four species of Ephedra are native to the mountainous regions of northern India, Afghanistan and Iran: . vulgaris, H.distachya) E.major (E.nebrodensis) and E.intermedia E.pachyclada. Furthermore, it E.foliata, which grows in the southern plains, Punjab and Rajasthan. It does not contain any appreciable amount of ephedrine.

The rest of India is not the natural habitat of species of ephedra. This is called E.gerardiana Asmani, butshur, budshur Chewa and Punjab in the Sutlej Valley Phok, you know, and Tran tsapatt in Ladakh and in Kharn Kunawar khanda and (unidentified) . Since the Aryans could start Rgvedic soma define 50 branches of the track, which soma define must have lived in the mountainous regions. In Avestan as Soma, who soma define live together can be up nqrrowed. Hindu Kush and the Environment Native soma define species west of Chitral and BalochistanMghanistan, E.pachyclada can be identified as the Soma gveda ~ The name of the plant is still preserved in the region, Aitchison said.: Um, in the valley of Herat and Balucm etBrahui Pashto, and Sam in Gilgit, Chitral and Kafiristan. The remarkable fact that the same name that refers to a plant in a large area of ​​points also for its great antiquity. When we identify as ephedrine and place people soma define in Soma Ephedra gvedic ~, ~ t the usual Hindu Kush, the various pieces of the puzzle in soma define place. The large growing area of ​​ephedrine m Mghamstan and Iran was soma define occupied or was available to the Indo-Iranians, who could develop a Soma / Haoma cult. As the Indo-Aryans moved east, a distance of more than Soma, first reduce the supply soma define and then stop completely.

Finally, in soma define the plains, instead of Soma in the ritual given to alternatives. In its transition from a grass readily soma define available that could be addressed by the husband "and wife at home to a myth, even for medical celebrity in recent days, Soma Records", the distance the way Indo-Aryan, figurative and literally moments ~ gvedic the classical period.

Archaeological evidence of cultic use of ephedra was found in the delta of the Murghab (known to the Greeks as Margiana) in southern Turkmenistan.51 In Togolok 21 (with a calibrated radiocarbon date of 1745 BC) 52, archaeologists unearthed a large rectangular building, 130 x 100 m in size, with circular soma define towers at the corners and semi-circular mid-wall. In this rectangle is another, much smaller but also circular towers and semi-circular. Along the inside: the west wall, there were 30 odd rooms close (Figure 2). In this rectangle is the "fortress", 50 soma define mx 60 m with walls 4.5 m thick and towers. In the center of the north wall, a central doorway flanked by two monumental towers. One of the rooms inside the fort is coated with white plaster. Along the walls are brick platforms chelae special sank ships.

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